Margot Maxwell is a freelance director, editor and sound designer based in NYC.

She has worked in post-production, editing short documentaries with Academy Award winner Thomas Lennon and sound editing with the team at Gigantic Studios. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mason Gross School of the Arts in the Honors College at Rutgers University.

Her most recent film an anthology of love and, a film poem of loosely connected vignettes exploring crumbling relationships, won the New Lens Film Festival Faculty Jury Award. In her directing, she blends documentary, narrative and sensory forms of filmmaking. She continues to experiment with different forms of visual storytelling and finds inspiration across mediums of art.

In addition to film, she explores her interests in music performance, fiber arts, and baking. Between playing various flutes, reading collections of short stories and volunteering at a cat shelter, she never ceases to find creativity in everyday moments.

Email: margotemaxwell at gmail dot com


A highly organized and efficient editor with an apt understanding of storytelling across genres, looking to obtain an editing or sound design position in Media/Film.

Freelance Experience


Editor, Hands Like a Brick Wall First Flight Films (narrative short)

Editor, The Glorbis Dir. Johnny Berkowitz (comedy short)

Editor, NSF Documentary Film Laboratory (documentary short)

Story Editor, God & Science shorts Documentary Film Laboratory (animation short)

Sound Designer, Have You Seen Me Dir. Jackson Clark (narrative short)

Editor, Six Dollar Masochist Kyra Camille (music video)

Export Deliverables, Which Brings Me To You Decal Releasing (feature film trailer)


  • Associate Producer, Documentary Film Laboratory

  • Sound Mixer/Boom Operator, First Fight Films

  • Sound Mixer/Boom Operator, Angel Cat Films, LLC

  • Production Assistant, All Of Us Films

Role Descriptions


  • Logs and ingests footage; Organizes and syncs media, including making proxies
  • Edits raw footage into final project and quickly adapts to multiple rounds of client feedback
  • Optimizes deliverable for social media and theatrical release
Sound Designer
  • Dialogue cleanup, including “franken-bites”; ADR recording; Production sound editing
  • Seamlessly mixes sound effects, backgrounds, and music for docs, fiction films and episodic series
  • Edits in stereo and 5.1 surround sound; Re-recording mix
Associate Producer
  • Plans and executes multi-camera and multi-interviewee shoots
  • Oversees workflow transition from picture edit to animation and sound design
  • Works directly with clients and Heads of Department to ensure efficient submission schedule
  • Hires crew, obtains locations, rents and preps gear, and performs general admin work

Studio Experience

NBC Universal

Media Archivist

  • Restore and transfer footage to National and International bureaus using Avid Media Composer, Avid Interplay, MediaCentral, and MAM.
  • Check aired shows, feeds, field material, and cut spots for compliance. Creating sequences and consolidating media subclips for archive using Avid Media Composer.
  • Archiving raw material and finished sequences, verifying information, checking media quality, addressing technical issues and updating logs and metadata as needed.

Rutgers Filmmaking

Equipment Room Coordinator & Projectionist

  • Managed hundreds of student/faculty reservations; Organized, catalogued and repaired damaged equipment.
  • Ensured QC for department-wide weekly screenings. Troubleshot audio-visual issues. Liaison with guest filmmakers and photographed Q&A for promotional media.

Gigantic Studios

Sound Engineering Intern

  • Cut sound effects, backgrounds, and dialogue cleanup for documentary, fiction films and episodic series, including “frankenbites” and ADR.
  • Assisted in logging and ingesting project footage. Performed a variety of client service tasks.


Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Media Encorder
Avid Media Composer
DaVinci Resolve


Rutgers University

Mason Gross School of the Arts & Rutgers Honors College

BFA in Digital Filmmaking

Summa Cum Laude


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  • Director
  • Editor
  • Sound Design
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